Forbidden Lands: Talents

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Forbidden Lands: Talents

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Talents are tricks and abilities that give you a small advantage in the game. They are more specialized than skills and provide you with a way of fine-tuning your character. Talents are described in Chapter 4. There are also special talents for your kin and your profession. At the start of the game, you get a number of talents that depend on your kin, your profession and your age:
✥ Your kin talent
✥ A profession talent of your choice
✥ A number of general talents of your choice depending on your age (see below)

Every talent has three ranks. You normally start the game with rank 1 in each talent, but you can choose to forgo one general talent for starting the game with rank 2 in another. You can increase your talent levels and learn new talents during the game.

A special category of the profession talents are the magic talents. These are needed to cast spells and are generally only available to Druids and Sorcerers. Read more about magic in Chapter 6. EX AMPLE Josie’s character gets the PSYCHIC POWER kin talent and chooses the PATH OF BLOOD professional talent. As an adult, she gets to choose two general talents. She uses one to increase her rank in PATH OF BLOOD to 2, and the other to get rank 1 in LIGHTNING FAST.

Talents er lidt mere udviklet end i tilsvarende systemer, og det kræver særlige talents at bruge magi. Faktisk et ok system.
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