Armoury (Only War)

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Armoury (Only War)

Post by Jaked_One » Mon 29 Apr 2013, 15:14:00

Intet WH40K uden våben-fetich, så derfor: ... e_Imperium

Imperial Guard standard-issue Lasgun
The Lasgun is the standard-issue weapon for all Imperial Guardsmen. It fires a focused laser beam, powerful enough to remove an unarmoured human limb in a single blast, but not as effective against heavy armour or the durable hides of some monstrous aliens. People who play the table-top game refer to the lasgun as "flashlight" due its low strength and lack of armour penetration, especially when compared to the basic weapons of the other armies. However, Imperial Guardsmen, the primary users of the lasgun, are numerous, and can be fielded in very large numbers. Because of this relative lack of power, the lasgun is most effective when delivering massed, focused fire from multiple units, and less effective when used singly.
Lasguns are powered by small rechargeable power packs. Power output can be adjusted to extend the life of the charge. The power packs are extremely reliable and can be recharged by exposing them to direct sunlight, by heating (putting them directly into flames works, but this reduces the lifetime of a power pack and increases the chance of misfires). The reliability and ease of resupply of the Lasgun make it an ideal weapon for the extended campaigns often undertaken by the endless armies of the Imperial Guard.

Certain types of Lasgun have specific uses, such as the "Long Las" which has a longer barrel and greatly improved power and range. These are generally used in a sniper role, and use overpowered liquid metal batteries known as "hotshots," which have only one power setting. The power and heat from the improved beam quickly wears out the barrels, which are replaceable and good for about twenty shots each. The Lascarbine is a carbine form of the lasgun, designed for special operations and units, usually employed by drop troopers or scout units of the Imperial Guard. It is light and compact, allowing it to be easily stowed so it does not interfere with the carrier's mobility. It was used by the Tanith First and Only, Elysian Drop Troops, Catachan Jungle Fighters and Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn. A rarely seen form of the Lasgun is the Assault Laser, wielded almost entirely by private concerns due to its high maintenance requirements -- the focusing rings must be replaced every thousand shots or so, and this delicate process can only be done by a trained Tech-priest. Assault Lasers are known for their immense rate of fire and higher armour-piercing ability compared to the standard Lasrifle.

Og den første der ber' om et sæt:

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Alle forventes at kunne samle riflen på under 20 sekunder ved spilstart.
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