Calixis, Subsector V, Personel Files

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Calixis, Subsector V, Personel Files

Post by Jaked_One » Tue 18 Mar 2014, 12:03:50

Legio Absolvo, Rak Keel Deployment, Squad 8

Sgt. Beller “Yeller” Johnson
Tall, board and tanned. Lifts weights, runs with stone filled backpack and yells a lot.
Collar Removed:
Stopped an Ork Wartruck along with Rimmer and a bit of courage.
Ex Hive Ganger ”Iron Eagles”. Killed a Spireling… and half a block of his mates.
Big, Mean and an aggressive tactician. Willing to die for the Em’pra.
Leads from the front ! Can yell LOUD(est!).
- Killed Sgt. Dean Golem in a bar brawl because of some rumor.
- Got his last squad killed storming an Ork Killer Kan. This is his 5th Squad.
- Has impressed HQ, is on his way up! And it makes Rimmer sad.

Heavy Rimmer Reardon (Bolter and Launchers)
Big, muscular and no body hair. Sweats too much.
Collar Removed:
Stopped an Ork Wartruck along with Beller and a lot of shells: “DAKKA-DAKKA-DAKKA”
Ex Butcher, good cook, bad attitude, worse temper. Believed Innocent!
Hates the Arbietes, hates the Munitorium, Loves the Guard.
When fighting Orks: Yells “DAKKA-DAKKA-DAKKA”, while grinning fiercely.
- Arranges pit fights and participates in them
- Likes to hit prostitutes and fools. Most people are one or both.

Medic “Twine”
Slender, slightly stooped and grey haired. Doesn’t say much.
Collar Removed:
Survived the Storm on Akaton Hive, Persis System
Old veteran, sent to penal legion for cowardice. His bare arms branded to remove former legion tattoos.
Silent, efficient – Religious, survivor. Hands colored deep blue by a “cream” he mixes and uses.
Psychopatically calm under fire. May be nervous up to the fight and after.
- Killed the last guy who looked into his past... An otherwise well liked Sgt. called Dean or Danny Golem.

Junior Commisar Yesebelle Troy of House Troy Minoriis (an extinct house)
Too young, too pretty, in too deep. Tall and regal, only clean uniform in the Regiment.
Clear thinker, good scholar and no combat experience.
Doesn’t carry the bolt pistol or chainblade, but a dueling sword and las pistol.
A textbook Commisar – but naïve…
- Won’t survive first enemy contact
- Has a (former) sugar daddy at HQ

Operator Jones Wiley
A small man with a broard smile, unruly sandy hair and optimistic attitude.
Collar Removed: Unknown.
Smuggler and black marketteer – bought his way to the penal legions.
Mechanic, pilot and still smuggler. Street Savy and easy going.
Looking for some start capital to continue his “business”.
- Great guy, just don’t borrow money from him.
- Go to if ya’ need something… anything.

Camp Follower, cum prostitute, cum Penal Legion “Salt Witch”
A petite pale blonde girl of about 20, wears a ragged dark blue camo-cloak and one-suit. (Voidborn?)
Stole from Munitorium Stores to become Penal Legion?
Collar Removed: Killed Unsanctioned Psyker with bayonet.
- Not right in the head: talks to herself and has odd taboos (won’t touch corpses, won't sleep alone, bows to servitors)
- Still a prostitute (and not too expensive)
- Reads peoples futures by licking salt from their bodies. (Costs a bit extra.)
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Re: Calixis, Subsector V, Personel Files

Post by Jaked_One » Tue 18 Mar 2014, 13:51:23

Legion Absolvo, Rependant Insolidum Company, Officers
Captain Davide Argylle of Malwadam Families, 19th Generation
Well dressed, well groomed, white wig, walkes with a silvery cane and wears a deep purple cloak.
Former PDF Captain: Sharp mind, harsh master – willing to sacrifice all his men for the Emp’ra!
Collar Removed: Noblemen gets their collars removed all the time… Who gives a shit.
- Quite well connected, escaped Heresy charges narrowly. Proof: He never argues with Commisaars!
- Used to be an incompetent fob, but Penal Legion straightened him out.
- Unhappy with his current company – wants to loose it in battle – soon.
- Comes from a rather odd family heavily into cloning. DON’T MENTION HIS FAMILY!
- Has his personality surgically removed and replaced by an asshole.
- Sends the men ekstra beer rations, before sending them on suicide missions.

Lt. Sabbaton L. Wroth,
Grey long hair, green camo scarf coves lower half of face. Voice is obvious synthetic as is left hand.
Can stare down combat servitors, unnerves generals and scares the rank and file.
Penal Legion for killing most of his own family for Mutation & Heresey.
Far too impatient and direct for his current position – he has lost his temper during briefings more than once.
Everybody seems quietly relieved that he isn’t a Commisar/isn’t their Lt.
Collar Removed: Pardoned for killing most of his own family for Mutation & Heresey.
- That’s not his real name! (And the L. isn’t for Lt.)
- Eats only servitor gruel – but can go for days without rest.
- Has seizures that knocks him out due to a bad spine injury. Often during combat.
- Is a client of Salt Witch and she makes a bit ekstra noise for the Officer - he, no doubt, pays ekstra for it.
- Was present during the night Sgt. Dennis Golem was killed - but lied about it.
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