Rules III (Only War): Fate Points

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Rules III (Only War): Fate Points

Post by Jaked_One » Tue 19 Mar 2013, 21:52:53

Den eneste rigtige afvigende regel er FP, som jeg personligt ikke kan lide - men ikke kan formulere et alternativ til. Tungeste rustning er en flakvest - tungeste våben... Er en las cannon: spillerne skal have een eller anden fordel.

Lad høre hvad I syntes om mekanikken - vi kører under alle omstændigheder med den i udgangspunktet.

Fate Points allow Player Characters to manipulate situations by mitigating bad results or turning a mishap into fortune. Among other things, this allows players to take more risks, which makes the game faster and far more exciting. A character has a limited pool of Fate Points, and when a Fate Point is spent, that pool is reduced by one.

Spent Fate Points are restored back up to the character’s maximum at the beginning of the next gaming session, or possibly, under special circumstances, in the middle of the game session that the GM deems appropriate.

A Fate Point can be used at any time, either on the character’s own Turn or in reaction to the action of another character, Spending a Fate point is a Free Action. Spending one Fate Point allows a Player Character to do one of the following:
• Re-roll a failed Test once. The results of the re-roll are final.
• Gain a +10 bonus to a Test. This must be chosen before the dice are rolled. • Add a Degree of Success to a Test. This may be chosen after the dice are rolled. • Count as having rolled 10 for Initiative.
• Instantly remove 1d5 Damage (this cannot affect Critical Damage).
• Instantly recover from being Stunned.
• Remove all levels of Fatigue.

Sometimes a re-roll or an extra Degree of Success is not going to be enough to save a Guardsman’s life. In these instances, the character may choose to burn a Fate Point, permanently reducing his maximum Fate Points by one. The result is that the character survives whatever it was that would have killed him, but only just. For example, if the character was shot with a lascannon and suffered a Critical Hit that would have killed him, instead he is only hideously burnt and rendered unconscious with zero Wounds.

In more extreme circumstances, such as being trapped on a spaceship during a Warp drive implosion, it is up to the player and the GM to work out just how the Guardsman makes his escape. A Fate Point may be burnt even if it has already been used for that gaming session.

Player Characters are awarded additional Fate Points (or allowed to replenish those that have been burnt) at the GM’s discretion. Such rewards can be given out as the main adventure reaches certain milestones, or for particular acts of heroism, cunning, or good roleplaying.
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