Tachyon Computer

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Tachyon Computer

Post by JT » Wed 06 Jan 2016, 15:51:58


There exists particles that can only be observed in hyperspace

Until the Infinity Project was created no energy source was sufficient to capture tachyons in nspace

In theory a grid of captured tachyons could be setup but not observed in nspace

Each particle excisting in n simultanious instances

For quantum computing information is stored in quantum bits, or qbits. A qbit can be in states labelled |0} and |1}, but it can also be in a superposition of these states, a|0} + b|1}, where a and b are complex numbers.

For every extra qbit you get, you can store twice as many numbers as non-quantum computing.

For Tachyon Computing information could be stored in Tachyon bits which can be labelled |0} and |1}, but can also be in n-1 superpositions

For every Tachyon bit you can store n-1 times as many numbers
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