SciFi setting med inspiration fra Dune, Star Wars og Kulthea mythos

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Drake Azerûl
From his former life this unlucky privateer remembers nothing. After a short accidental visit to netherspace almost nothing remains of Drake's original personality - greed, malice and cunning remains withoout the bonds of conscience.

Prestor K'zaar
Secretive and shy, is rumered to have appeared at many important events even though there are no witnesses that can describe him excactly.

This creature was created through the joining of tech and the soul. Through use of af 3 dimensional phasing device this former scientist and religious thoreticist came into contact with something with more power than his his mortal shell could not contain. The result was that the phasing device fused to the displaced image of the scientist and the creature Frzn was created.

The Vargans are an acient race from beyond the outer rim - mutated and corrupted by the influence of the neather-reaches. Hungry for power they respect only those more powerfull than themselves - internal struggles are only interrupted by outward agression. Warrag has acheived his position as the Vargan leader by being the most powerfull of them all.

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