Eggsodus: The Prophetess Cometh (SLA 25-26/3)

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Eggsodus: The Prophetess Cometh (SLA 25-26/3)

Post by Jaked_One » Wed 23 Mar 2011, 20:52:13

Deep below the blasted sector of Kalderon, aboard an old atomic train, watched by a Metonyn shapechanger, a renegade Necantrope and the Nomad Touched Lia Xiong our team has entered the Egg and are travelling the Lands of the Eastern Tribes, to get to the mighty Prophetess, who has reawakened the Nomad in those distand lands...

But take heed, travellers of the distant coners of the Sphere... the Prophetess Cometh!

Ai! Kadath! Be Fearless!

Og stakkels person med ansvar for referatet... Ehr... Jeg finder på noget.
There is inherently no silver bullet...

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