FasTech 360(TM) - A New Progression

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FasTech 360(TM) - A New Progression

Post by BZ » Tue 08 Aug 2006, 15:05:29

After such successes as the reliable ChaiDai Truck and the Efficient TM Personal Vehicle Range DepTrans announces yet another groundbreaking progression.

Proudly introducing the all-new FasTech 360TM engine range, based on the revolutionary MultiEthTM fuel, which is both cleaner and more economical than conventional means of propulsion.

Chief engineer Akio Morita explains:
MultiEthTM is a high-octane, water-free alcohol produced from renewable resources like corn, wheat, straw, wood or other bio-materials. MultiEthTM acts as a natural antifreeze, and appear to burn more efficiently in combustion engines.
BZ var blevet træt af clickbait - du gætter ALDRIG hvad han så gjorde....

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