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Posted: Mon 25 Sep 2006, 10:48:15
by Jaked_One
Ok, Toby - jeg er enig.
Og her er den anden del af systemet, nemlig de effekter afhængighed vil tage. Vi taler straf, ubehag osv...

Jeg er begyndt med Recreational Drugs... Dvs. smøger, alkohol, kaffe og de -lette- firmastoffer, som Personal Interest osv...
Læg særligt mærke til forbeholdene for brugen af disse regler. Recreational Drugs skal være ubehagelige at misbruge, men først farlige efter et langt/voldsomt misbrug.

Nedenstående er et forslag, kommentarer.
(Og RPG Regler skal skrives på engelsk... Ellers er det bare ikke helt godt... eller noget...)

Addiction Rules

Any Penalty is relieved by a dose of the same drug or something similar or stronger.
Which basically means that an enhancers addiction effects, may temporarily be cancelled by another similar enhancer or a Combat Drug, but not a Medical Drug.

Addiction Effects

Recreational Drugs: Doesn't cause addiction unless significant amounts are taken. (-3 to +1: Most having negative modifiers, a few special cases such as joints or very strong liquor having a zero or positive modifier).

The addiction starts out as minor, very temporary penalties and builds slowly, ending with massive general permanent stat penalties (Check any alcoholic for a reference). As addiction builds, larger amounts are needed to cancel penalties. Any bonuses conferred from the drug vane.

The typical recreational drug, such as a beer or a cigarette is for stat purposes placed at -3.
For practical reasons the GM may assign another value, if the amounts consumed over time are
sufficiently large. On the other hand the need to roll for addiction may be completely ignored if the amounts are deemed insignificant. No rules for this are given, they are left to the GM's whim.

The GM is free to cap any roll or change the effect. Living on coffe and twinkies is bad for you, but not going to cause a -3 penalty till quite late in the game... Don't worry... Too much.

The cool penalty relates mostly to continued usage, but may be deemed appropriate in other relations by the GM. (Eg. when you got delirium tremens and find a friend killed with a power tool, the GM is free to take it all out on your sorry junky ass.) This basically means, that the addicted character gains Stress Points, some what faster than the not addicted.

What follows is the purposed Addiction Effects for recreational drugs. This table is for inspiration purposes, as stated above. Let the GM decide and the Junky beware…

Addictions and Effects

The day after:
-1 to all activity rolls and passive checks.
Lasts 24 hours.
No COOL Penalties.
Have another drink/fag/cup or a hot meal, a shower, another 8 hours of sleep...
Hang overs...

Kill the horse that pissed in your mouth.
-2 to all activity rolls and passive checks.
Degrading by 1 each 24 hours.
No COOL Penalties.
Have another drink/fag/cup or a hot meal, a shower, another 8 hours of sleep may decrease the penalty by one should the GM rule so.
Bad Hang Overs...

Kicked by your habit.
-2 to all activity rolls and passive checks. All Mental Stats & INI -1.
Degrading by 1 each 24 hours.
-1 COOL Penalties.
Gain 1 Stress Point.
Go back to bed or have another. Simple as that.
Sex, Drugs and rock n' roll...

Don't believe what you see in the mirror.
-2 to all activity rolls and passive checks.
All Mental Stats & INI -1.
No bonuses gained.
-2 COOL Penalties.
Gain 2 Stress Points.
Mental Stats & INI -1. Degrading by 1 each 48 hours.
3-6 units needed to lighten effect by 1.
The beetles coming out of your mouth are not real... But you know that right...

Time for rehab.
-3 to all activity rolls and passive checks. All stats -2.
No bonuses gained.
-3 COOL Penalties.
Gain 3 Stress Points
5-10 units needed to lighten penalties by 1.
Damage to stats is permanent.
Penalty for roll and checks degrade at 1 per week.
The Shakes, The Cramps, The Sweats... Welcom to the Shits...

Next stop skid row.
-3 to all activity rolls and passive checks.
All stats -3.
No bonuses gained.
-5 COOL Penalties.
Gain 4 Stress Points.
10+ units are needed to lighten penalties by 1.
Damage to stats is permanent. Penalty for roll and checks degrade at 1 per month.
Stop it or be stopped by it.

Posted: Mon 25 Sep 2006, 12:25:11
by Bias
Puha, -2 eller -3 til alle stats permanent. Der er ikke godt slet slet ikke godt. Stakkels Sasha.

Hvordan ville en lace passe ind i vores afhængigheds system? altså rent hypotetisk for jeg kender ikke nogen der har en.

Posted: Mon 25 Sep 2006, 14:02:13
by Jaked_One
Husk at det her -kun- er for Recreational Drugs...
Combat Drugs er en helt anden og MEGET ubehagelig oplevelse... mht. afhængigheder...
Stat penalties, Stress Points, Wounds Taken osv... En rigtig fest!

En 6-7 eller 8-10 AP addiction giver nogen virkeligt vrede Addiction Effects... Og du er nød til at tage flere af disse infernalske stoffer for at tage anstinenserne... Og så får du nye APs, som nok overstiger din AT og så får du en ny AE...

Hvordan disse AE's stacker skal jeg lige have kigget på. De skal ikke bare plusses... Der skal være lidt diminishing returns på effekten - mest for Recreational Drugs og noget mindre for Combat Drugs...

Posted: Sun 15 Oct 2006, 22:39:25
by rasmus
bare en lille sjov ting jeg fladt over ...
Mort is big. Bits of downtown collapse, and need to be rebuilt.
Unemployed people need to be fed, housed, receive their benefits and
have their corpses removed. Numerous projects attempt to address these
issues. A lot fail. One of those is the Vasey cube.

Commissioned as part of a pilot program run by the Dept. of Housing in
523SD, Alessandro Vasey and Irene Kea designed a self contained habitat
suitable for housing up to 1000 people. These units had food dispensers
and manufacturing equipment, sanitation, garbage disposal, automated
unemployment offices and teaching facilities (run by computers),
everything necessary to exist. Employment opportunties for those inside
were somewhat limited (mostly limited to maintainance or becoming a
Shiver), but they were designed for use in areas where this would
probably be an improvement. Access was somewhat limited, only one way
and out in each direction. The food was vat grown inside small
factories in each cube, which also reprocessed the waste, trash and
corpses (into food mostly).

The cubes didn't work out too well, they were hard to construct, the
kits were frequently incomplete. Several hundred were deployed, most
collapsed, but a good portion were sealed off as the areas of Downtown
around them changed. The automated systems in some were even able to
keep going, due to the training systems producing a steady stream of
maintaince engineers.

Occasionally, as Downtown shifts again, a cube will become accessable
the outside world. The contents, after hundreds of years of isolation,
vary. Some are ghost towns, full of desscicated corpses. Others, by
miracle of technology, are still populated by the descendents of those
inside when they were accidently sealed. After 350 years of isolation
and inbreeding, they can be a little... odd.

"This is a local shop, for local people, we'll have no trouble here"
- Vasey Cube shop keeper, shortly before being rehabilitated into
mainstream Mort society by a clearance squad, 903 SD

Posted: Mon 16 Oct 2006, 9:23:43
by BZ
HAHAHA....en kombination af en tysk "flygtninge"-lejr i Paraguay og et fuldautomatiseret AF-kontor, hvor de eneste stillingsopslag er som kasseassistent, Securitas-mand og politbetjent!!

...Ja, DET skal jo ende galt :wink: 8)

Godt fund, Rasmus!!

Posted: Mon 16 Oct 2006, 16:44:45
by Jaked_One
Ahhh... Den er skarp....

Skide godt fund!

Posted: Sun 08 Apr 2007, 22:44:28
by Jaked_One
Så skete det sgu...

Cannibal Sector 1 Bogen er nu tilgængelig i PDF.

(Så må jeg se om vi oss' kan bruge den til noget... Da vores Scav er blevet "twisted" lidt og vores Carrien "boosted" lidt...)

Jeg glæder mig til at læse den!

Posted: Mon 09 Apr 2007, 0:38:51
by rasmus
den er lidt kort ... men ellses oki... ved ikke om vi kan bruge den til noget ?? endnu

Posted: Mon 09 Apr 2007, 9:35:34
by Jaked_One
hehe... jeg kom til at linke til teaseren.

her er produktet... ... s_id=21202

162 sider med nye monstre... as if we need them...

Posted: Mon 09 Apr 2007, 14:42:14
by rasmus
hvor er det syret... billedet fra forsiden har jeg liggende på HD'en og det dælme lang tid siden jeg fandt det ...

SLAviften spreder sig .....